What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disorder that affects how the carbohydrates that we eat are metabolized, resulting in blood sugar levels that are higher than normal. It is important that diabetes be diagnosed and treated because elevated blood sugar levels can damage vital organs like the heart, kidneys, eyes, nerves, and blood vessels.

Once you have diabetes, it will not go away; however, you can control it through education and lifestyle changes. The American Diabetes Association recommends that individuals with diabetes maintain good blood glucose control to prevent or lessen the effects of long-term complications. It is up to you to control your diabetes by eating right, exercising, and losing excess body weight. You may also need to take medication prescribed by your physician.


Resource guides to help individuals manage diabetes are provided here:


Wayne HealthCare Diabetes Education

Wayne HealthCare Diabetes Education offers a variety of programs to meet the unique, personal needs of each individual with diabetes.  The programs are for individuals with diabetes who want to deepen their understanding of the disease and learn everyday strategies to help them enjoy a healthier lifestyle.  Whether you have had diabetes for some time or are newly diagnosed, our programs offer you and your family the knowledge and skills to live successfully with diabetes.  Every person with diabetes is different, which is why Wayne HealthCare has developed a wide array of educational opportunities.

Wayne HealthCare Diabetes Education programs teach individuals to make informed choices and effective ways to improve their health. Through these programs, individuals with diabetes learn to make the most of day-to-day decisions utilizing the training and information they receive to feel confident in managing diabetes in their own lives.

To enroll in the Wayne HealthCare Diabetes Education Program, your physician must fill out a referral form. Please talk to your family physician about a referral, or if you need assistance, a Wayne HealthCare Certified Diabetes Educator can contact your physician on your behalf to obtain the necessary referral form.

Wayne HealthCare Diabetes Education Program is an American Association of Diabetes Educators Accredited Program.

Diabetic Group Classes

Why group classes?  Group classes are offered in a relaxed and informal atmosphere with discussion and questions.  The classes offer a chance to interact and share experiences, while still offering the ability to work with your educator on an individual basis.  Group classes help individuals with diabetes learn more about: 1) How to manage their diabetes, 2) How to plan meals to improve blood glucose control, 3) Blood glucose monitoring, 4) Starting an exercise program, 5) Making lifestyle changes to improve health, and 6) How to cope with diabetes.

Classes are held each month.  To meet your schedule, you can attend a morning, afternoon, or evening class.

Individual Session with a Certified Diabetes Educator

You can meet privately with a Certified Diabetes Educator to learn more about using your meter, diabetes, diabetic medications, drawing up and administering insulin, complications, and controlling your disease.

Individual Session with a Registered Dietitian

One of the most popular questions asked by diabetics is, "What can I eat?" A dietitian can show you how, by planning and moderation, you can eat just about anything you’d like. In this program, also known as “medical nutrition therapy,” a dietitian specializing in diabetic meal planning will help you to develop food strategies that best fit your lifestyle.

Free Monthly Diabetes Education Programs

What is the benefit of educational programs?  Studies show that people who are involved in a support group experience greater success than those who do it alone.  Not only will you be encouraged by others, but you will have an opportunity to learn about issues that affect people with diabetes.

A Certified Diabetes Educator leads the monthly program.   Topics range from self-care and improving blood glucose to healthy eating.

Pre-Diabetes Individual Education and Group Class

Program is provided to lower an individual’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  Individuals will learn about risk factors for developing diabetes, and labs for pre-diabetes/diabetes.  Individuals will be taught lifestyle factors to help improve glycemic control which consists of eating healthy and increasing activity.  Program is offered as a group class and individually.

Community Programs

Programs include health fairs, Diabetes Day, Dining with Diabetes, lectures and guest speakers. Please contact the Diabetes Education Program for a list of upcoming events.