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Heart Health: Smoking Cessation

Everyone nowadays is aware of the risks of smoking. But that doesn’t mean quitting is easy. Wayne HealthCare is committed to educating and helping those in our community take a step toward healthier living by choosing to quit smoking.

How Can Wayne Healthcare Help Me Quit Smoking?

The Smoker Stoppers core program consists of 8 –90 minute meetings over the course of three weeks.  Meetings focus on steps to quit smoking, benefits of quitting, methods to handle urge-triggering situations, and behavior modification such as anger management and problem solving.  This variety of educational and practical techniques helps to promote a long-term success in remaining smoke free.  Frequency of the meetings and time may be modified to better serve the needs of the participants.

Meeting facilitators are certified Smoke Stopper Smoking Cessation instructors as well as Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists. Guest speakers are invited from time to time to speak on various topics such as nutrition, stress management, as well as former participants in the program.

Sessions are offered at least twice a year. 

Sessions may be held at the hospital or on the business campus.

Cost of the program is $50 per person. The cost covers 8 meetings and a Smoke Stoppers kit for each participant.

Persons wishing to register for the class or to obtain more information may do so by calling the Cardiopulmonary Department at (937) 547-5734.

We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of the team on your road to a healthier life style.

Why Should I Quit Smoking?

  • Personal satisfaction - You’ve made a positive step toward good health; you’ve been able to beat an addictive substance. No more spending money - A 2-pack-a-day smoker will save up to $3,000 a year on the cost of cigarettes alone. Add in the cost of ashtrays, lighters or matches, and the ruined clothing and other items you’ve burned holes in along the way, and it adds up to even more.
  • A better image to your children - over 69 percent of teenage smokers have at least one parent who smokes.
  • Increased physical ability and improved stamina - Once the nicotine is out of your system and your respiratory system begins to work well again, you will be able to climb stairs and last longer while participating in sporting events and other physical activities.
  • Improved sense of smell and taste - Food will begin to taste better again, and you will be able to smell flowers and other things you have missed since smoking. Your appearance will improve - See your dentist for a good cleaning and your teeth will look and feel better. After awhile your fingers will lose that yellow tinge, and you will have a more confident appearance.
  • Your house will smell fresher - Once cleaned, your home will smell better.
  • Reduced fire hazard.
  • Reduced litter from filters, ashes and paper.
  • Better social acceptance.

Is there still an Ohio Quit Line?

When the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation recently ceased operations, many Ohioans incorrectly thought the Ohio Tobacco Quit Line – 1.800.QUIT.NOW – had ceased operations with it. Rest assured, the quit line has not quit on you.

The Ohio Tobacco Quit Line is now housed at the Ohio Department of Health and continues to provide invaluable assistance to smokers who want to kick the tobacco habit. Tobacco counselors are available to help you from 9:00 am. to 11:00 pm Monday-Friday and from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm Saturday and Sunday. Soon-to-be-former smokers can also leave a message 24 hours a day and request a call-back time that is convenient for them. Service is available in 150 languages and TTY service is available for the deaf and hard of hearing at 888.229.2182.

Smokers who want to quit are much more successful when they take advantage of services such as the Ohio Tobacco Quit Line. Indeed, only five percent of those who try to quit smoking cold turkey are successful, compared to 22 percent who use the quit line. You have nothing to lose – except for a nasty habit that is the leading cause of preventable death – and everything to gain.

Call the Ohio Tobacco Quit Line today at 800.QUIT.NOW (800.784.8669) or 888.229.2182 for TTY service. You and your loved ones will be glad you did.

Wayne Hospital is proud to offer a smoking cessation program to individuals in the community who are taking a step toward healthier living by choosing to quit smoking.