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Pink Out Day Article

Wayne HealthCare employees and volunteers wore pink on

October 29, 2014 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Points to remember:

     -     Mammography still remains the most important tool in breast cancer diagnosis

     -     Nearly all breast cancers can be treated successfully if detected early.  An annual mammogram beginning at
           age 40 is still the most effective way to detect breast cancer at an early, curable stage.

     -     Mammograms, clinical breast exams by a clinician, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for women at high
           lifetime risk and reporting any changes in your breasts are ways to detect breast cancer early.

     -     An estimated 235,030 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to occur in 2014 in the United

     -     In Ohio, an estimated 8,710 new cases of female breast cancer are expected to occur in 2014. 

     -     Mammography is especially valuable as an early detection tool because it can identify breast cancer at an
           early stage, usually before physical symptoms develop.

     -     Numerous studies have shown that early detection saves lives and increases treatment options.

     -     Currently, a woman living in the United States has a 1 in 8 lifetime risk of developing invasive breast cancer.

Schedule Your Mammogram Today!

Schedule your annual screening mammogram today by calling central scheduling at Wayne HealthCare at 937-547-5715.

If you are uninsured or underinsured, there are programs available for financial assistance.

If you have questions regarding these programs, please call 937-547-5079.

HFAP Accreditation

Wayne HealthCare is pround to announce continued 3-year accreditation with the Healtcare Facilities Accreditation Program.  Take a look at the certificate!

Cancer Accreditation

Wayne HealthCare is proud to announce that we have received a 3 year accreditation from the Commission on Cancer with commendations in all 8 available areas. This is very exciting for us and speaks highly of the dedication of our physicians, nurses and other dedicated staff that spent hours working on this accreditation for Wayne HealthCare and the community.

Wayne HealthCare has just completed a two year process to have their cancer program accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.  This accreditation assures the community that they can receive high quality cancer care close to home. 

Established by the American College of Surgeons in 1922, the multidisciplinary Commission on Cancer  establishes standards to ensure quality, multidisciplinary, and comprehensive cancer care delivery in health care settings; conducts surveys in health care settings to assess compliance with those standards; collects standardized data from accredited health care settings to measure cancer care quality; uses data to monitor treatment patterns and outcomes and enhance cancer control and clinical surveillance activities, and develops effective educational interventions to improve cancer prevention, early detection, cancer care delivery, and outcomes in health care settings. 

The Commission on Cancer is a consortium of 50 national professional organizations.   Each organization has a representative(s) on the Commission.   These representatives are responsible for setting standards for cancer care and monitoring the compliance with the standards.  Accreditation by the Commission on Cancer is voluntary and requires strict compliance with the standards. Standards are developed in various aspects of cancer care including diagnosis, treatment, monitoring quality of care, prevention, early detection, research and education. 

Over the last two years, Wayne HealthCare has assembled a team of cancer experts who have developed the Wayne HealthCare Cancer Program. The program includes multidisciplinary care and provides a complete range of diagnostic, treatment, and supportive services.  In addition, even though Wayne HealthCare isn’t mandated to provide national clinical trials, we have joined the Dayton Clinical Oncology Program and offer cancer patients national clinical trials through a grant from the National Cancer Institute. 

Wayne HealthCare has the expertise to provide you and your loved ones with the very best in cancer care.