• Employee Of The Month: Alyse Grillot



NAME:  Alyse Grillot


DEPARTMENT: Wayne HealthSports




FAMILY:  I was born and raised in Michigan where my parents and grandparents still live. My 24 year old brother lives in Anderson, Indiana. I now live in Versailles with my husband, Rob and our two dogs.


HOBBIES: I love to craft, kayak, and shop. Spending my sunday's off relaxing with my husband is my favorite part of the week.

SPECIAL EXPERIENCE OR FAVORITE MOMENT AT WAYNE HEALTHCARE: I would have to say this experience at Wayne has been pretty awesome!! I am so honored and humbled!


REASON SELECTED FOR EOM: On 9/30/2017 our Greenville boys soccer team had a home game. To the players, families and fans, it was just another game. Not so for 91 year old Charlotte Bailey. She graduated from Greenville and played on the girls basketball team. Her nickname was "Shotsy". At this time she has debilitating arthritis and endures much pain. This night she was determined to watch her great-grandson, Ben Davidson, play soccer. We got her to the stadium in a wheelchair and she was ready to cheer. When she stood up, she cut her leg on the wheelchair and needed medical treatment. She refused to go to the ER until she watched the game. 

A kind lady found us an angel, Alyse Grillot. Alyse steristripped the skin tear and Charolotte said she felt as good as new and was ready to cheer. I am a retired ER nurse and have had many patients with skin tears. The treatment Alyse gave was as good as any i have ever seen, and to do that while kneeling on the ground was amazing. She not only gave excellent treatment, but exuded compassion and calmness that was second to none. We dont have the words to express our thanks to Alyse. Charlotte is my mother and Ben is my grandson. They both wanted this night to happen and Alyse made it possible. Ben's mom, Melissa Davidson, was also there. There were 3 generations of Greenville graduates cheering our soccer boys on. I hope you and all the team recognize what a wonderful, skilled person they have watching over them. ~ With a grateful heart, Lori Stone


VALUES DEMONSTRATED: Compassion and Excellent Customer Service!


"I highly recommend Special Beginnings department."

Wayne HealthCare Patient