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Wayne Way of Caring

Wayne HealthCare adheres to a set of values that permeates our organizational culture and dictates the quality of care that we administer to the community. Our mission is to provide exceptional healthcare that’s conveniently available close to home, and in an environment that sincerely values our patients as people—helping them to lead healthier lives. 

All of our doctors, employees, and volunteers consider the hospital environment to be a place where community members care for their neighbors. These ideals for excellence in patient-oriented healthcare are always kept top-of-mind through our use of a simple acronym—SHINES.

Anyone representing Wayne HealthCare pledges the following to you, our patient:

S – Smile and introduce yourself.

H – Helpfulness - Display an attitude of helpfulness.

I – Initiative: Be intuitive - Think, “What would you need or want if you were the patient or the patient’s family?” Initiate. Provide what you would want or need before being asked.

N – “Name, not a number” - Patients are human beings treat them that way.

E – Explain what’s happening - Explain why the process might be taking so long, etc. Explaining helps to alleviate fear, and keeps the patient and family in the care loop. Florence Nightingale said, “Apprehension, uncertainty, waiting, and fear of surprise do a patient more harm than exertion…”

S – Summarize, thank you & follow-up – Ask, “Is there anything else you need?” Thank them for choosing us, and let the patient know an approximate time when you will return.  

It’s our goal that everyone taking care of you at Wayne HealthCare SHINES – let us know if we’re not fulfilling our promise to you.