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Diabetes Wellness Program

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About This Event

  • Event Type:Presentation

The Diabetes Wellness Program is a monthly event. Each month the topic and theme changes to discuss a variety of topics surrounding diabetes wellness and education. 

2024 monthly schedule and topic description:

January 9, 2023- Problem Solving/ Coping

  • Story telling will be used as a technique to discuss how to solve problems and cope with different situations when you have diabetes.

February 13, 2024 – What is diabetes, diabetes prevention & insulin resistance

  • Join us to learn an overview of prediabetes and diabetes.

March 12, 2024 – Healthy eating for diabetes

  • Learn healthy eating strategies to manage blood sugar and lower your risk of complications.

April 9, 2024 – Keep your diabetes in check

  • We will discuss diabetes management and screenings to prevent complications.

May 14, 2024– Triggers, cravings & stress

  • Do triggers, food cravings or stressful situations cause you to eat larger portions? Learn about mindful eating, stress management, and ways to control cravings.

June 11, 2024 – Make your grains whole

  • Learn the health benefits of whole grains and how to incorporate them into your eating plan.

July 9, 2024- Diabetes care in the summertime

  • Learn tips to manage your blood glucose during the summer months.

August 13, 2024- The highs and lows of diabetes

  • Learn the symptoms, causes and what to do when blood glucose is high or low.

September 10, 2024 – Friendly Fats

  • Join us as we discuss which types of fats are healthier choices.

October 8, 2024 – Diabetes Jeopardy

  • Test your diabetes knowledge through an interactive Jeopardy game.

November 12, 2024 – Which one and when (medication options)

  • There are a lot of diabetes medications on the market. Join us to learn how different medication work to assist with diabetes management.

December 10, 2024- Holidays

  • TBD
Event Coordinator
  • Karen Droesch RD, LD, CDE
  • Price: Free
  • Registration Instructions: Please RSVP (in-person, or virtual) by the day of the event to Karen Droesch at 937.569.6750 or