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Corporate Wellness

No Matter What…Still Helping

Ensuring your employees are well can impact your company’s bottom line: that they perform well. At Wayne HealthCare, our goal is to help you as a corporate leader by providing health screenings, benefits, and education to your employees. Our comprehensive wellness program is customized to meet the needs of your business that encourages a healthy, happy, and active workforce. We offer a family-oriented environment to help promote overall health and well-being.

Our health education programs, wellness classes, and support groups are offered to the community. We also provide health and wellness events and programs for businesses.

Some of the wellness services we offer include:

  • Diabetes Education: We offer free diabetes education classes designed to help your employees understand and manage diabetes. These classes meet the unique, personal needs of each individual with diabetes. The programs help diabetics who want to deepen their understanding of the disease and learn everyday strategies to help them enjoy a better quality of life. Our certified diabetes educator will discuss diabetes diagnosis, risk factors, prevention, and treatment. Check our Calendar of Events to learn more about these free monthly diabetes education programs.
  • Health Screenings: Our doctors use medical tests to check for diseases and health conditions that may not have any signs or symptoms, so they can be detected and treated before they become more serious. These screenings ensure health problems are treated as early as possible, when they may be easier to treat. Some of the screenings we offer include vascular screenings, as well as men and women’s health screenings.
  • Healthy Moments: Healthy Moments are educational presentations designed to provide information from subject matter experts on a variety of topics. Each presentation is open to the public and includes a complimentary meal. Some of the issues we have previously covered include presentations on hearing loss, healthy eating, mental health, colon cancer awareness, senior behavioral health, end of life care, understanding Medicare, and much more.
  • Wellness Center: This outpatient clinic focuses on prevention and control of chronic diseases and care coordination. Staff work with your employees to help them make important lifestyle changes that can improve their quality of life. Some of our available programs and services include Cardiac Rehab, Pulmonary Rehab, Peripheral Vascular Disease Exercise Therapy, Blood Pressure Clinic, Tobacco Cessation Programs, and Diabetes Services.
  • Nutrition Counseling: The Department of Nutrition Services at Wayne HealthCare is available for patients looking to draw on our knowledge and clinical skill regarding the conditions and dietary needs for a number of diseases and conditions. For example, your employees may benefit from nutrition counseling for diabetes, cardiac rehab, weight management, cancer, pregnancy/lactation, and restricted diets.
  • And more

For additional information about Corporate Wellness Services, please call (937) 547-7409.