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High quality, low-radiation exposure.

The Wayne HealthCare Imaging Department is dedicated to helping our patients live healthier lives through the use of advanced technologies and equipment to produce incredibly detailed images of the human body. The information provided by the Radiology Department is vital to physicians' diagnoses and plays a key, supporting role for numerous departments in our organization. To improve the care and health of our patients, we image in a digital format. This allows you to have high quality, low-radiation exposure, easily transportable images for your continued care. Our imaging services include:

Our equipment is as advanced as any you'll find in the Miami Valley—providing state-of-the-art technology and increased patient safety. Our digital 40-slice CT (CAT) scanner is designed for tailored workflow and clinical needs, drastically simplifying complex procedures. It is used to create high-definition digital images of any body part.

Other devices used by the Imaging Department include MRI units that provide our physicians with non-radiation images of heads, spines, and joints, and our fully digital X-ray equipment that reduces patient discomfort and automates routine processes. The X-ray machine delivers high-resolution images without using the films necessary in the past. Patient comfort is enhanced through automation and synchronization. Our staff can focus on the patient rather than the operation of the machine. There is also a 50% reduction in radiation exposure when compared to conventional x-ray machines.

Additionally, our advanced Ultrasound uses sound waves to create detailed imaging for those times when x-ray is not indicated. And, to assist in preventive care, the in-house DEXA scanner and portable ultrasound heel bone density machine help screen for osteoporosis.

We provide state of the art Digital Mammography. Our low radiation dose unit produces excellent images that are interpreted by Kettering Network Radiologists, Inc. We also offer follow-up services with Stereotactic and Ultrasound guided biopsies.

Our Nuclear Medicine Department works with our Cardiopulmonary Department to provide the area with cardiac imaging, cancer detection, abdominal, and chest function images - as well as therapeutic procedures for certain diseases.