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Colon Cancer Surgery

No Matter What…Still Treating

At Wayne HealthCare, we are your partners for a healthier tomorrow. Colon cancer is often treated with surgery, which is the main treatment in its earliest stages. The exact type of surgery you need depends on the extent/stage of your cancer, where it is located, and the overall goals of surgery.

A colectomy is the type of surgery that removes all or part of your colon, as well as at least 12 nearby lymph nodes. It is performed by taking out the part of the colon containing a tumor or cancerous cells, as well as a small segment of normal colon near it. Generally, no more than one-third of the colon is removed, depending on the size of your tumor and location of the cancer.

For more information about colon cancer surgery, please visit the American Cancer Society website.

How to Prevent Colon Cancer

You can reduce your risk of getting colon cancer by being proactive and knowing your risk factors. Continue to make healthy choices and get screened as your physician recommends to detect colon cancer early, when it is most treatable.

You can reduce your risk of colorectal cancer:

  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Quit smoking
  • Monitor your diet
  • Increase exercise
  • Schedule a screening
  • Know your family history