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Wayne HealthCare Foundation Celebrates ER Nurse’s Week with a Legacy Donation

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In celebration of ER Nurse’s week, Wayne HealthCare Foundation was honored to bring in the family of the late Jean Longfellow who passed away in April of this year. The family of Jean Longfellow honored Jean’s legacy by giving back to the Emergency Department asking that donations be made in honor of Jean’s life this past spring. The family, including Randa & Gary Snyder and Ruth Welbaum, were in attendance at the reception to celebrate both Jean and the ER staff at the hospital. According to Lauren Henry, Foundation Director, “The hospital is so very honored and touched by the donation in Jean’s memory, and the statement that our ER’s care ‘gave her 21 more years to enjoy her life and family’ is a tremendous testament to all caregivers. We personally want to thank you for your gift and thinking of our ER.” The hospital was able to use the funds from Jean’s legacy to purchase a Doppler for use in the ER. Lindsey Terrace, Emergency Department Director at Wayne HealthCare, stated, “With the donation we were able to purchase a hand held Doppler. With this device we are able to assess fetal heart tones of our most vulnerable patients, assess pulses in patients with circulatory compromise, as well as assess femoral pulses in patients nearing the end of life. The ED team at WHC gives tirelessly to our community day in and day out. My team truly changes lives and saves lives every single day. Thank you to the Jean Longfellow family for thinking of the Emergency Department through the generous donation.” Randa Snyder, Jean’s daughter, was a nurse for many years and thanked the ER nursing staff for their compassionate care and told them she understood the demands of the careers they have chosen. The celebration ended with a tribute to Jean’s memory and a special thanks to the ER staff who treat every patient as a family member with the utmost in world-class care. Wayne HealthCare employs 44 staff members in the Emergency Department. Last year the ER had 23,269 visits. For more information about Wayne HealthCare and the Wayne HealthCare Foundation visit