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Wayne HealthCare using Thermal Imaging System

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  • Written By: The Daily Advocate

The thermal imaging system sends the visitor’s temperature to a computer at the receptionist’s desk.GREENVILLE — Wayne HealthCare has always been a step ahead when it comes to technology, and the hospital’s state-of-the-art thermal imaging system is no exception.

One of the many things required at hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic is the check of everyone’s temperature when they enter the building.

That is now a much simpler process at the main entrance of Wayne HealthCare with the new infrared thermal imaging system

It automatically takes one’s temperature when he or she walks in the door and sends it to a computer on the receptionist’s desk — which is one less thing for the receptionist to do, making things more efficient for everyone.

The new thermal imaging system installed at Wayne HealthCare takes your temperature when you go in the main entrance.“You don’t even have to stop in front of it,” said Chief Information Officer and VP of Information Services Shelton Monger. “As soon as it reads you, it takes your temperature and the receptionist has it. It will send out an alert if it is too high. If that happens, we can re-scan you at the receptionist’s desk and make sure you are OK.”

And it is virtually impossible for it not to be able to take your temperature.

“We had one person with a hat, sunglasses and a mask,” Network Administrator Lyle Baker said. “And it was still able to read their temperature.”

The idea first began as a way to save the time of a number of employees, something which will be happening soon, as the hospital plans to have the thermal imaging system, not only at every entrance at Wayne HealthCare, but at all the hospital’s other locations, including the outpatient center in Union City.

A visitor has her temperature taken at the new thermal imaging system at Wayne HealthCare as she goes through the main entrance.“Right now, we have someone at all those places doing that,” Monger said about taking their temperature. “We are not afraid of technology. I don’t know if any of the other health care facilities are doing this, but this started out as a prototype. As soon as we saw how well it worked and how efficient it was, we were all in.”

Hospital employees have already heard many positive comments from visitors.

“When we first started using it, people were walking up to the receptionist’s desk and thinking she needed to take their temperature,” Monger said. “People have commented on how impressive it is to have technology like that here.”

Which is nothing new for Wayne HealthCare, according to Monger.

“I know we are in a small, rural area,” he said. “But, at the same time, we have never been afraid to use state-of-the-art technology. If technology will benefit us and is cost effective, we will use it. We are not afraid to exceed or excel.”