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Employee Of The Month: Heidi Whitesel

heidi whitesel


NAME: Heidi Whitesel

DEPARTMENT: Central Scheduling


FAMILY: Husband of 33 years, Greg and three children, Kerra, Kurtis and Kyle, plus 5 grandbabies- Kaylee, Javin, Emerson, Kaleb and Ayden.

HOBBIES: Enjoy camping, boating, fishing…anything that has to do with being outside.

SPECIAL EXPERIENCE OR FAVORITE MOMENT AT WAYNE HEALTHCARE: I love coming to work every day. I enjoy working with the Central Scheduling Gals! My favorite moment would be the 1st time I got Employee of the Month for signing to a deaf patient. I was trying to help her out and thought nothing of it. It just comes natural to me and now getting it for the 2nd time is an honor. Once again, I’m just doing my job and compassion is what I am about!!

REASON SELECTED FOR EOM: The good things you do in your daily task are often missed or overlooked. I want to take a minute and share a special moment that happened at the Central Scheduling window.

A patient came up to the window to get a CD burned of a recent test that she had done at Wayne HealthCare. Heidi happened to be the one at the window. The patient was giving Heidi all the information that was needed before she was able to burn the CD.

The patient began spilling her heart out to Heidi. What we did not know was that the patient recently lost her husband in November and then this month, the patient was told she had breast cancer.

The patient was trying to make it here before Medical Records department closed, which meant she had to leave work early. She hurried to WHC only to find she did not make it in time. She was just not having a great day!

Heidi finished burning the CD for the patient and then asked the patient if it was okay if she came out and gave her a hug. At that moment the patient’s day had just been flipped around! She was surrounded by someone who cared! Someone who took the time to listen to her story.

It’s moments like that when you realize this isn’t just a job you wake up and come to every morning. It’s a job where you have a chance to change someone’s day.

THANK YOU HEIDI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VALUES DEMONSTRATED: Compassion, Positive Attitude, and Wonderful Customer Service