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Employee Of The Month: Peggy Rehmert

peggy rehmert


NAME: Peggy Rehmert

DEPARTMENT: Peri-Op Services


SPECIAL EXPERIENCE OR FAVORITE MOMENT AT WAYNE HEALTHCARE: Approximately 15-20 years ago I was taking care of a patient on the old 2-North Nursing station. She was struggling emotionally on this particular day. I noticed she was sitting in the chapel looking at the Bible and I went and sat down beside her. We talked for a short period of time and then I walked her back to her bed. As I was walking out of the room, I overheard her tell her roommate that I was her “ANGEL”. Hearing her say that just touched my heart. I still cherish that memory. I have told this story to new nurses that I have oriented here at Wayne HealthCare. Reminding them, that we may not get “Thanks” or pats on the back very often but we can make an impression on our patients and they do appreciate what we do for them.

FAMILY: Husband, Chris Daughters, Michelle and Tiffany and Step-Daughter, Krista and 10 Grandchildren

HOBBIES: Knitting, flower gardening and traveling

REASON SELECTED FOR EOM: A surgical patient was brought in by squad. He lived alone and left his cell phone at home. He needed to go to surgery. Peggy was able to get a family member name and street from the patient. She looked on Darke County Auditor for address. After working her 12 hour shift, with the patient’s permission, she went to the family member’s house to notify them their family member was in surgery. By the time surgery was over, 2 family members were here. Kudos to Peggy!!!!

VALUES DEMONSTRATED: Compassion and Kindness