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Employee Of The Month: Jenni Byers

jenni byers


NAME: Jenni Byers

DEPARTMENT: Financial Services


SPECIAL EXPERIENCE OR FAVORITE MOMENT AT WAYNE HEALTHCARE: I can’t just pick one particular moment, because I have so many. I love my job here at WHC and enjoy my interaction with the patients and their families. I like being able to help patients solve problems that they may be having, so they leave Happy. I always try to represent WHC in a positive manner. I have a great group of girls in the Billing Department to work with!!

FAMILY: Just my cat!

HOBBIES: Spending time with my Family, especially my great niece. Going to Sport events and Love Shopping!

REASON SELECTED FOR EOM: Jenni has taken the initiative out of her own pocket to pay for suckers and now fruit chews for children who come with an adult to the Cashier window. She has a following of youngsters who ask their adult family members to bring them to visit Jenni. There is even a little girl , a four-year-old who asked her mom to allow her to wear her Snow White dress and bring her to the hospital to show Jenni. When the child visits, mom makes payments on Account(s). Jenni’s positive attitude is a force to be reckoned with!!

Jenni has a patient that comes to the Cashier’s Office 3 to 4 times a month to pay on her account(s) and always has her young daughter with her and told Jenni that there was a gift in our (WHC’s) gift shop that she wanted to get for her daughter for her birthday and she didn’t want her daughter to see it and she asked Jenni if she would mind watching her for a few minutes, so she could go buy the gift for her daughter.

Jenni brought the patient’s daughter into the Cashier’s Office, so mother could buy the gift. It says a lot about Jenni’s compassion for everyone and for a mother to entrust her child’s care with her. Jenni is always putting the patients first and remembers a majority of the patients that come to the Cashier’s Office each month and addresses them by name. Patients have come to the window and are genuinely upset when she is not there and have stated they were looking forward to her!

VALUES DEMONSTRATED: Compassion and Positive Attitude