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Improving the Patient Experience

The AIDET communication technique, trademarked by the Studer Group, LLC was adopted by the Wayne HealthCare Outpatient Satisfaction Committee. The concept helps medical personnel understand the fundamental elements that patients and family members need to decrease anxiety and build trust with caregivers. It can also be used internally as we communicate with other staff and colleagues.



Smile and acknowledge everyone you meet. Create a lasting impression.


Introduce yourself by name and escort people to where they are going, instead of giving directions or pointing.


Let patients know how long they can expect to wait. If there is a delay ask them if they are able to wait, be considerate of their time.


Explain what you are doing or what they can expect during their visit. Communicate clearly any instructions they will need to follow once they leave your care.

Thank You

Thank patients and guests for choosing Wayne HealthCare. There are other places patients could go to for their care, show gratitude that they chose us.

Using AIDET effectively can:
  • Reduce patient anxiety
  • Help manage patient expectations
  • Show patients you respect them and that they are important
  • Establish trust in our staff and facility
  • Engage patients in their care, improving understanding of diagnosis and treatment plan.