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Transition into nursing exceedingly well

Wayne HealthCare now offers the Versant New Graduate Nurse Residency™ Program

Our nurse residency program provides an excellent opportunity to help new graduates excel in
their field by enhancing their skills, providing an extra level of training and fostering confidence.
We provide the specific tools and experiences needed for a successful transition from newly
graduated registered nurses to safe, competent, and professional practitioners.

As a Versant New Graduate Nurse, you will:

  • Take a comprehensive competency assessment giving you a clear picture of your current strengths and opportunities as a nurse.
  • Receive education in preparation for competency validation to further improve your strengths and opportunities.
  • Demonstrate your competency to your preceptor at the point of care.
  • Continually track your performance throughout the course of the residency, providing your qualifications to all.
  • Receive continuous support from your nursing leaders, mentors and debriefers in addition to your preceptors.

Download the Versant Program Brochure